Martial Arts For Responsible Students
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Complete program for the enhancement of emotional and physical well-being

MARS Academy (Martial Arts for after school martial arts program is a collaboration of two well established businesses practices merging as one: TaeKwonDo and an Academic Learning Center for a better after school program. This collaboration exists for the betterment for our children’s growth in academia of mathematics, reading and writing; the martial arts (TaeKwonDo) to strengthen mind body and spirit; and lastly the intangibles our staff share with your child; encouragement, perseverance, confronting their fears, communications through peer discussions, and most importantly guiding them in understanding boundaries and social skill development.

For the teens and adult martial arts is a strict program emphasizing the highest standards of proper fundamentals, “quadrant rules” of maximizing in blocks, punches, kicking dexterity, fluid motions of body mechanics. MARS Academy’s martial arts is an amalgamation of Kukkiwon style World TaeKwonDo Federation (MooDukKwan, ChunDuKwan, WTF Olympic Style forms & sparring) and Muay Thai traversing from Muay Chaiya and present-day Thai boxing techniques.

What We Offer


All Skill Level

All are welcome, there is no requirements to take part in any of our programs.


Fully Qualified

All classes are led by  Black Belt certified instructors to ensure the best training possible.


Get Fit & Healthy

Taekwondo offers a great way to stay in shape while learning self defensive in a practical manner.


Traditional Arts

We have a realistic approach to our teaching while maintaining all true traditions of Taekwondo.

Our Vision

MARS Academy envisions for all its members and their immediate family and associates by “passing it forward” our best practices the immersion of Vision, Mission, and Cultural Objectives the positive philosophies of TaeKwonDo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Respect, Honor and Indomitable Spirit so we may spread an impressionable sense of moral, sociable and environmental conscience.

What We Teach


Instilling the ideas of the importance of being honest and having strong moral principles


To educate the merit of positive esteem and to conduct by adhering to what is right


Educating our children how to move Forward in difficult times despite complication or timeframe


Demonstrating how to regard other people’s emotions, appearance, religion, color or race we are all equal and should emulation one’s positive reflection


Guiding each and every member at the moment of temptation or aggression the ability to regulate thoughts and emotions

Indomitable Sprit

Is the single most powerful tenet of TaeKwonDo we impose to our members not to be subdued by your weakness and enforce “NEVER GIVE UP” to add one more notch for every bench mark!!

Our Mission

Living in a diverse economic, financial and cultural community, MARS Academy has made its mission to stress the moral and ethical importance to teach the philosophy of TaeKwonDo (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, Respect, Honor, and Indomitable spirit). To live in harmony, to defend the weak, to stay truthful with oneself and others, and out of kindness one tries to embody the best of humanity has to offer.

Our Instructors


Grand Master Matthew Roh

Grand Master Matthew Roh was born in Seoul, South Korea. Receiving his first black belt under the Korean TaeKwonDo Federation (KTF) is now a member of World TaeKwonDo Federation (WTF). . Trained since the age of 5 years old, his wealth of knowledge expands over 45 years. Learning, evolving and creating, he has created an awesome Standup Striking System. Trained in MooDukKwan and ChunDoKwan style TaeKwonDo. These particular styles of martial arts stem from both old school of power blocks, power strikes, power kicks, grappling, close quarter joint maneuvers and body throws, but also, modern Olympic Style Sparring. The GM Matthew Roh’s style of solid fundamental approach of building dexterity and agility for better foot work, quicker feet/leg reaction and setting up for a maximum sets of combination kicks. Then comes along Muay Thai, certified master (Kru) and registered with the World Muay Thai Council in Thailand. Traveled throughout Thailand to train with master of their craft; Thai boxer known as “elbow king” who had over 300 fights, trainers who trained with Tony Jaa, Fairtex center in Pattaya and more importantly with Muay Thai Institute in Rangsit Thailand.

Job experience: Aeronautical Engineer degree from Embry-Riddle University work as an Engineer Analyst with an automotive consultant firm, joined product development team at a major satellite telecommunication, Government Oversight IT Project Manager with a non-disclosed agency, Sunday school teacher and coached baseball and softball teams, Director at an Academic Learning Center, former PTA president, Director and Vice-President with a non-profit organization in Montgomery County and lastly a Referee / Stroke & Turn judge with Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL).

Our Children

MARS Academy children’s program is to enrich social, physical and academic growth. Discipline stems from the parents at home first. MARS share’s the same philosophy to raise our children in understanding their moral compass and guiding them to their true north by following the Tenets of success



After School Program

The MARS Academy’s After School program is an enrich program that offers to our student members the ability to achieve higher standards. After School program provides not only transportation from school to MARS Academy facility, but ensures each and every…

Summer Camp

The Summer Camp sessions are meant to trigger each member’s creative mind and harness their physical agility through exciting programs set forth in each theme week. Every week is a new week by which is tied into our field trip for that week: Spy Week, “Come Fly..

Parent’s Night

MARS Academy gears towards parents to enjoy time out without worrying about your children by offering Parent’s night out, Shopping day and many other occasions requiring some time alone and away from our God’s …

Our Culture

Moral Compass. Social, financial, religion and ethnic status has become more polarized than ever. MARS Academy perspective is to reassure and embrace the diversity of each individual. Academy’s goals are to educate, guide from our morality and to present what is ethically correct by looking pass our language, our diverse attire and more importantly the color of their skin to which they are merely size by their character and moral sense of duty.

Martial arts Classes


Childrens Taekwondo

MARS Academy is martial arts after school which instills the old traditional Tae Kwon Do with 20th century Olympic style sparring and movements. The Grand Master and staff at MARS Academy are constantly guiding our students in understanding…

Adult taekwondo

Confidence, Ability to Defend, Athleticism, Hand Eye Coordination, Mobility, Dexterity, Kick, Punch, Block, Explosive vs Steady Cardio, Muscle Memory, and most importantly to Feel Stronger and lose some weight along the way!…

Muay Thai

Muay Thai martial arts is 300 years in the making. Muay Thai, literal English translation “Thai Boxing.” But the people of Siam, wanted to make it their own style of Martial Art, and hence Muay Chiaya was formed at its earliest inception prior…

Our Adults

The martial arts class provides the means to achieve. To train our body to push out the weakness, take back our health to a healthier place, to push out the cobwebs of ackey joints or loosening our muscles, and finally to learn how to control our means when what surrounds us becomes chaotic. Patience and to live in respectful harmony with our fellow neighbors.



Monday Classes

5pm ~ 5:45pm


6:30pm ~ 8pm


Tuesday Classes

4:15pm ~ 5:00pm


5:00pm ~ 5:45pm


6:30pm ~ 8pm


Wednesday Class

5pm ~ 5:45pm


6:30pm ~ 8pm


Thursday Class

4:15pm ~ 5:00pm


5:00pm ~ 5:45pm


6:30pm ~ 8pm


Friday Class
6:30pm ~ 8pm

Doing what we love

We are always amazed at the great progress our children make each and everyday. Don’t take our word for it, come check us out and see how awesome our kids are, they truly make our work as instructors seem more like fun then anything else.



“My Kids love this place, the staff is great”
Jane. D
“Finally found a safe enviroment for my kids”
Sabrina. W
“My son never wants to leave this place”
Walter. K


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