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About Us

Combination of Tae Kwon Do with an Academic Learning Center

The future is heading a direction where technology has become more and more integrated becoming the norm in our society. With the rise of cost in natural resources and the means to acquire goods, the average family income cannot be sustained on one income and therefore, the family has resorted both mother and father working to provide that revenue. What this translates to, “Finding quality time with our children.” This is where our academic and mentoring in union with martial arts (mainly TaeKwonDo) comes in. Our center will not only provide an after-school program, it also provides a safe haven for our children to relax, re-enforce what was learned at school with the help from our staff and most importantly provide our children the discipline of control, integrity, strength, wisdom, inspiration, and courage to confront their emotional growth through their pre-adolescent years by facing any obstacle.

For convince sake of having parents know where their children are and knowing the fact they will be in safe hands. If you think about it, all parents want their children to be educated and social skill to integrate with their classmates or anyone else outside the school. Best of all, by the time the parents are ready to pick up their kids, they may want to stay around and take TaeKwonDo class. Why, the entire family can exercise together. Parents who are conscience about their health will realize, since they are there to pick up their kids, might as well exercise by taking TaeKwonDo. Soon after, they can all go home to eat and they will have the satisfaction of knowing all family members will have more time together to what so ever. How satisfying is it to know, for parents’ sake, the kids are done with their homework and thus releasing the stress of having to nag by not asking, “Have you done your homework!” What FREEDOM!!!!

What We Offer


All Skill Level

All are welcome, there is no requirements to take part in any of our programs.


Fully Qualified

All classes are led by  Black Belt certified instructors to ensure the best training possible.


Get Fit & Healthy

Taekwondo offers a great way to stay in shape while learning self defensive in a practical manner.


Traditional Arts

We have a realistic approach to our teaching while maintaining all true traditions of Taekwondo.

Our Story

Doing What We Love

Working in four different counties (Anne Arundel, Prince George, Howard and Montgomery County), there are significant cultural differences in academic and social approach to teaching. Acknowledging these various types of diversity, we felt an institution like ours were required to bridge the gap by identifying each individual academic and social strengths and areas of improvement. Once we singled out each child’s needs, we can than identify the manner of pace for them, Self-Perspective Learning Method (SPLM). Yes, this is tedious work, really tedious but its 30 years in the making and through best practices, adapting and implementing what’s more practical and acceptable for a child is better than just forcing a system-wide process they may not understand. Each child’s identifying markers are there. Just need to dig deep and acknowledge which ones they are. (Sitting assignments in classroom, student teacher interaction, attention span, ADD or ADHD?, medication strength or none at all, eating patterns: process foods vs fresh vegetables and lean meats, social interactions w/ parents, cousins, grandparents, school associates or playground interactions, and sporting activities at an earlier age, 2, 4, 8, 10 or 14 yrs old: when did they start ) And the most important aspect of social interactions and what we knew in our early days of identifying puberty in our adolescences years (13-19), studies by NIH and several psychologists have documented adolescences can start as early as in their teen or even in “tween” years (8-12). So what does this mean for us parents,…. MORE PATIENCE!!! For these early transitions, social development is paramount for their healthy growth. Not is it important guide our children but assist in educating our own parents of their needs. So much to say, so much to do, so much to guide and educate, and so much to share, MARS Academy is here to be a part of that, theirs and your journey.


MARS Academy envisions for all its members and their immediate family and associates by “passing it forward” our best practices the immersion of Vision, Mission, and Cultural Objectives the positive philosophies of TaeKwonDo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Respect, Honor and Indomitable Spirit so we may spread an impressionable sense of moral, sociable and environmental conscience.
Living in a diverse economic, financial and cultural community, MARS Academy has made its mission to stress the moral and ethical importance to teach the philosophy of TaeKwonDo (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, Respect, Honor, and Indomitable spirit). To live in harmony, to defend the weak, to stay truthful with oneself and others, and out of kindness one tries to embody the best of humanity has to offer.
MARS Academy children’s program is to enrich social, physical and academic growth. Discipline stems from the parents at home first. MARS share’s the same philosophy to raise our children in understanding their moral compass and guiding them to their true north by following the Tenets of success
The martial arts class provides the means to achieve. To train our body to push out the weakness, take back our health to a healthier place, to push out the cobwebs of ackey joints or loosening our muscles, and finally to learn how to control our means when what surrounds us becomes chaotic. Patience and to live in respectful harmony with our fellow neighbors.
We are always amazed at the great progress our children make each and everyday. Don’t take our word for it, come check us out and see how awesome our kids are, they truly make our work as instructors seem more like fun then anything else.

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